FAQS | hail the kale



Q. What time will my delivery arrive? 

Orders are delivered between 7 am - 3 pm on the day of delivery. Please give as much info as possible regarding drop-off notes so our delivery driver can easily find you. We currently do not provide cooling but we are working on a solution to provide this. If you are not home to receive your delivery we advise you to have it delivered to your workplace or to have someone there to receive it on arrival. 

You will receive tracking information the day before delivery. If no one is home at the time your order is delivered and we do not have permission to leave your order by the door you will be notified and your order will be bought back to our factory for collection at a later time. 


Q. What areas do you deliver to? 

We now deliver to a wider range of postcodes so please check if we deliver to your suburb using the checker on the side of this page. Our orders close at 8 pm Sunday for a Monday delivery and 9 am Wednesday for a Friday delivery. Please order ahead to avoid disappointment. 

Q. When are the cut-off times for ordering?

Tuesday delivery: 8 pm Sunday

Friday delivery: 9 am Wednesday


Q. What is the shelf life of the bowls? 

Nourish bowls: 4 days  (including the day of delivery) 

Heat and Eat options: 6 days (including the day of delivery) 

Freezer options: Up to 2 months in the freezer before use-by date 


Q. What happens if I am not at home? 

If you have permitted us to leave by the door, our drivers will find a safe spot out of the sun to leave your order. 

If you have not permitted us to leave the order by the door, the driver will attempt to contact you on the phone number provided. If there is no answer your order will be taken back to our factory in Malaga for pick up. A second delivery can be arranged for a delivery-free


Q. How long does my bowl last in the fridge?

4 days from delivery. If your order is delivered on the 3rd of the month it will expire on the 6th. It included the day of delivery and the best-before date. This is because it is a preservative free, fresh product and we do not add any additives to extend it. 


Q. What happens if I provide the wrong address?

Please get in contact with us ASAP via email however, if we are on our way to delivering to you we take no responsibility for this mistake. If you require us to redeliver to a different address it will incur a 50% cost on the original cost price including the delivery fee. 


Q. How will I know when my order is coming? 

You will receive a text the night before your order with a tracking link and information. Please expect delivery before 3 pm on Tuesday or Friday. We cannot give you an exact ETA, but a text will specify a time frame, so please ensure someone is home or able to receive it at reception. 


Q. Can I place a large order in advance out of the delivery days? 

Yes, you can. We are now offering large orders for workplaces or events out of our normal delivery days. Please contact us at [email protected] for pricing and details. 

Q. Can I get a refund on my order if I am not at work/away? 

Please email us at [email protected] for all returns and refunds. We will have to process it through our stripe account which can take 5-10 days to be deposited back into your account. 

Q. Can I set up an ongoing subscription to receive my order? 

Yes, you can! We are able to set up a subscription where weekly payment occurs and you never have to worry about ordering again! You can cancel and alter your order at any time (providing it is within our cut-off time for ordering). Please email us at [email protected] 

Q. Is the bowl microwavable? 

Yes, however, you must remove the lid and sauce container BEFORE microwaving the product. It is best to microwave for no longer than 2 minutes at a time as microwave wattage can vary. 

Q. I wasn't happy with how my goods were received, what can I do?

As our product is delicate, please ensure you handle our bowls with care when removing them from the boxes. Sometimes our bowls can accidentally slip in transit. If you are not 100% happy with how you received the goods, please make sure you get in contact with us via email at [email protected] and include a photograph of how the bowls looked when they were received upon delivery. 

Q. How do I become a stockist? 

Please contact us at [email protected] if you are interested in becoming one of our stockists