✨ 5 daily rituals to a happy and healthier you ✨

✨ 5 daily rituals to a happy and healthier you ✨

Living in a fast-paced and ever-changing world can often have an emotional impact on our well-being without us actually realising until we are burnt out. Sometimes it may just be the simple things that help us mentally and physically strong from the inside to out. 

Good nutrition, sleep, movement and being in nature are the most powerful yet overlooked practices for mental health. Forming daily rituals and routines around these things will make become more mindful and do wonders in transforming your mood. 

Here are our 5 daily rituals to prioritize in your day for better wellbeing in 2022: 

 Gratitude: As soon as you wake up or before you go to bed, think of at least 3 things you are grateful for. The power of gratitude before bed or before you start your day is a powerful tool in shaping your day and overall mood. Visualise these things so it evokes a feeling that you hold onto for the day or while you drift off to sleep. 

2) Mindful eating. Our days can be busy and it can be much easier to eat on the run. This can often cause stomach upset and does not allow your food to be properly digested. Put for phone down and properly chew your food- it does wonders! 

3) Grounding. When you are feeling 'airy' or like you can't concentrate, find something that brings you back to reality and ground you. Go out into nature with your shoes off, feel the sand on your toes, have a cold shower or sit and concentrate on your breathing for 5 minutes. 

4) Eat enough. It is very common these days to skip breakfast or unintentionally fast until lunch but this isn't for everyone! We find that 3 good balanced meals a day plus two snacks morning and afternoon will really help with overeating at dinner time and cravings for dessert. Fuel yourself during the day - we do not like restrictions! 

5) Remember to laugh. Everything can seem so serious these days, especially with the current pandemic situation. But it is really important to not take life or yourself too seriously. Find something that makes you laugh, maybe it's a youtube clip, a meme or a hilarious friend to add some humour to your day. As they say - laughing really is the best medicine!