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Hit Your New Year Goals With Healthy Meal Delivery

hit your goals with healthy meal delivery

New year, new goals! Start fresh and EAT fresh with our healthy meal delivery.  

We know it’s a bit of a cliché to start the new year on a health kick but the reality is, many of us want to reset after an indulgent festive season and a the new year gives us a good excuse to refocus and prioritise our health. 

We all know the most common new year’s resolutions are about eating healthier, exercising more and saving money. But why do so many people fail to hit these goals? What are we doing wrong? Here are some ways we can increase our chances of nailing these new year goals. 

Make your goals achievable 
A sure fire way to fail is to set a goal which is unachievable. Want to run a marathon but can’t run 5km yet? Break large goals into smaller ones or end up at the physio instead of the finish line. If you want to run that marathon, start with a 3km distance, running for 1 minute then walking for 1 minute. Then build up for 2 minutes running and 1 minute walking, and so on. 

This same methodology can be applied to many different goals. Want to save $10k this year? That’s $192.30 weekly. Have you worked out your budgeting and cash flow? Do you actually have this amount weekly to save? 

Making goals achievable long term is really key here. For example, restrictive eating and fad diets always result in short term success. Let’s face it, we’ve all been there. At hail the kale our ethos is simple – eat fresh, minimally processed wholefoods which are packed with nutrients. All year round. We don’t believe in counting calories and depriving ourselves of food but rather eating more or the good stuff, putting nutrition in the forefront and always knowing fully what we put into our body. We want you to be healthy not hangry! Read more on what we think about delivered meals for weight loss here.

Focus on behaviour rather than outcomes
When the focus is on a specific outcome, like saving $10k for a Europe trip or losing 10kg, we tend to get caught up in the end number and overlook what steps we need to get there. There is no point in having a goal without a game plan! Building habits takes time, so practise patience. 

Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing. Read that again. 

Make sustainable eating and exercise habits part of your every day, because how you spend every day is how you spend your life. Make it easy on yourself where you can - if you have a sweet tooth, don’t keep chocolate in the house. Not got time for meal prep? We’ll do it for you.  

For money goals, what behaviour are you actually going to change here? Will you set up a direct debit to a saving account after pay day? Are you giving up your daily takeaway coffee to hit your goal? Or meeting friends for a walk instead of brunch? Failure to plan is a plan to fail! 

Identify your triggers
For some people, exercise takes a back seat when they are busy at work. For others, stress or anxiety results in reaching for sweet snacks or retail therapy. Sure, you might want to eat better, exercise more and spend less, but what are you going to do when life happens? How will you create new habits to deal with life’s difficulties? 

When you are time poor, remember that small changes count. Takes those stairs instead of the lift. Park your car a block away and walk that extra bit to work, the kid’s school or the shops. Buy healthy snacks if you don’t have time to make them. Sometimes you just need to do the minimum, and that’s okay.   

Learn to love (or just accept) your mistakes
Newsflash – no one is perfect. For every journey and goal, there a set backs. Beating yourself up over set backs is a sure fire way to lose heart and motivation. Just accept that there will most definitely be some set backs along the way, it’s how you deal with them that counts. Don’t let that weekend blowout throw you off your plan for your body and bank balance. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and make a plan for the week ahead. Perhaps you need to reach out to a workout buddy to get you back on your A game. 
Whatever your goals are, we are sending you positive vibes to not only achieve them but to smash them out of the park!

If we can help you to glow from the inside out with our healthy meal delivery, just let us know. We want healthy eating to be delicious, easy and hassle free. 

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