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Get Your Meal Plan Delivered for our New Year 6 Week Challenge!

6 week challenge meal plans delivery

Our 6 week challenge sold out super quickly so we are opening up a mini reset to join us for the final 4 weeks. This clean eating challenge will leave you feeling amazing in no time. We like to make healthy eating easy - this meal plan delivery is designed to get you on track and KEEP you on track!

Make healthy habits a priority over the next 6 (or 4) weeks – let’s do this together!
This challenge is all about you. Set your intentions and give your body what it needs – energy, nourishment and kindness.
Your first delivery starts Monday January 11th for the 6 week challenge, or, Monday January 25th for the 4 week challenge. 
For the 6 week challenge: Simply order online by midday Saturday January 9th, add the code CHALLENGE to your first order and we’ll know you are ready to smash this goal with us! We’ll drop you a weekly reminder to stay on track and get your orders in.

For the 4 week challenge: order online by midday Saturday January 23rd, add the code CHALLENGE4 to your first order.

Note - we may sell out before these deadlines so lock in your meal plan delivery asap to avoid disappointment!
We love to keep things flexible to suit your goals and tastes, so you will choose your own delivered meal plan each week. For best results we recommend ordering 10 meals per week, to power you through the majority of your lunches and dinners. If you’d rather do less, this is totally fine too and the minimum order is 5 per week. Just make sure what you are cooking at home is aligned with your goals for this challenge.  

For the 6 week challenge: make a commitment and pre-pay upfront for 10 meals per week for 6 weeks and get one bundle included for FREE! Lock in this amazing meal plan offer here.

For the 4 week challenge: make a commitment and pre-pay upfront for 10 meals per week for 4 weeks and get $30 off! Lock in this amazing meal plan offer here.

You'll get a mini treat popped into your last order (arriving Feb 15th) just to remind you that you are a health LEGEND! And stay tuned for discounts and surprises from local Perth businesses along the way.
Kickstart your new year and place your first order for Monday now. Don’t forget to use the code CHALLENGE / CHALLENGE4. Let’s do this! 


At hail the kale, we believe feeling great starts in the kitchen. What you put into your body is SO powerful, however, we are also big fans of working out to feel great (hi endorphins!). We recommend following the national guidelines on exercise in combination with a healthy eating plan.

That means every week we need 150 to 300 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity or 75 to 150 minutes of vigorous intensity physical activity (or a combo of both). Within this plan, muscle strengthening activities should be done on at least 2 days each week.

We love S30 West Leederville and what they are about, feel free to join us there and take advantage of their trial offer - just $20 for 21 days

Want to improve your chances of staying on track? Get a buddy involved and keep each other committed. We've got this! 

Stay healthy, not hungry.