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miso happy bowl w/ peko peko miso + ginger dressing


INGREDIENTS: Carrot, radish, edamame, red cabbage, sesame seeds, kale (apple cider vinegar, salt, pepper) miso + ginger dressing 

*CONTAINS SESAME SEEDS* - We can make it without so please let us know. 

CHOOSE YOUR PROTEIN: lightly fried tofu or coconut poached chicken

TOFU 223 kcal | protein:17.1 g  fat: 14.6 g. carbs: 8 g

CHICKEN  267 kcal | protein: 31 g  fat: 14.3 g. carbs: 8 g

 I taste best fresh! Consume me in 3-4 days. 

Delivered to you by 1pm on Monday and Thursday. Delivery charges and rates vary, starting from $10.00 - $15.00 for outer suburbs. 

Orders close midday Saturday for Monday and midday Wednesday for Thursday. 

Perth meal delivery at its best - get healthy meals delivered and feel amazing, one bowl at a time. We are SO excited to be collaborating with our favourite local healthy take away PEKO PEKO to bring you our very own MISO HAPPY nourish bowl! Featuring their most popular miso and ginger dressing, basically a rice paper bowl in a bowl which we are obsessed with (and you will be too!). 

*Minimum order 4 bowls from pick n mix per a delivery day*