meet our founder


I am the founder of hail the kale & I absolutely love a good salad!

I am a foodie with a passion for health, local WA produce, sustainability and great design.


It started with a love for creating

A passionate designer and art teacher, Marnie is forever creating and thinking of something new. This is what fuelled the creation of hail the kale which started as a food blog on instagram in 2018. It then progressed to a market stall at the Claremont farmers market where hail the kale connected with like minded people and created a community.


Designing, creating and experimenting

A love for all things packaging design, branding, puns and marketing, Marnie grew the brand online while the world went into lock down. Using foam eskies in cars and calling on friends to do the delivery rounds, 100s of bowls went out to offices and homes during the peak covid period. This allowed her to work out what customers wanted and allowed for a hail the kale community to form. Gluten-free, feel-good food that was filling, nourishing and looked as good as it tastes.


Defining Hail the Kale

Hail the kale was formed and started its leafy green journey. One of many sleepless nights, warehouse fit outs, business learnings and product based buildings. Marnie learnt that there are no short cuts in business - it is messy, amazing and totally un-curated (opposed to what you might see on instagram!)  From rotating online menus, to supermarket product lines, hail the kale has grown into a well known Perth-based healthy meal company. Priding itself in premium WA local produce and collaborations with local suppliers to bring you the best product possible.



Here we are! 2024 with a brand new website, a salad drizzle range and new meal offerings set to launch in early June 2024.

It has been a wild journey, to say the least, but Marnie would not have it any other way. To grow, we need to experience a multitude of learnings to get to where we need to be.

WA local produce is always something that Marnie holds close to her heart and will continue to champion this in a way which is unique, aesthetically pleasing and delicious - the hail the kale way!