hail the kale

Why Choose to Hail the Kale with us?

In the last few years there has been a boom in meal delivery services. From meals kits with DIY cooking to fresh and healthy meals home delivered, or prepped meals which are frozen, there is plenty to choose from! So, who should you choose to get your meals delivered? At hail the kale, we do things a little differently…


Hand prepped meals that look as good as they taste

Eat with your eyes! We believe that how food looks plays an important role in your excitement to dig in. With this in mind, we focus on healthy, minimally processed, whole-foods which are packed with nutrients. This naturally leads to bright and vibrant rainbow coloured bowls which are packed with flavour. We think they scream ‘eat me’ and the visual appeal is very much a part of our process in creating healthy prepped meals which are inviting. We might just be the only meal delivery service that can say their prepped meals actually look like the photos used to promote them! 


Always fresh, never frozen

Our healthy meals home delivered always arrive fresh. Some of our prepped meals can be frozen if our customers prefer – we like to give you the choice. Our produce come in fresh the day of production and it is delivered to you the next day.


Sparkly Customer Service

With the rise of AI and chat GPT (which we are all for may we add!!) some companies have hand-balled customer service to chat bots and the alike. NOT US! All of our communication is completed in real time and you can expect a reply from us within 5 hours of contacting us, with a response received promptly. We have friendly and speedy logistics communication, and will always try to cater to  your requirements with 5 star service and a smile . 

All killer, No filler!

Have you ever tucked into a prepared meal only to find it bulked out with low cost filler? We’re looking at you mash and rice! You think the protein must be hiding... then you realise that there is just a couple of pieces of protein and the rest is filler! Apart from the disappointment and flavour disaster, the hunger hits about an hour later. Many meal delivery services scrimp on the good stuff, but not us. Our portion sizes are generous – there is nothing worse than seeing prepared meals on screen which look hearty and arrive tiny!


Love WA local

Why would be go anywhere else that our own backyard to source ingredients? Our bowls are packed to the brim with premium WA ingredients. We are always on the look out for local WA brands to collaborate with and include in our seasonal bowl changes. When you buy from us you can rest assure that you are also supporting local while you are at it. 

Want to Collaborate?

We are always on the look out for local suppliers to collaborate with.

Reach out - we would love to hear from you!