Weight Loss Meals Delivered - Why the Definition Doesn’t Quite Fit

Weight Loss Meals Delivered - Why the Definition Doesn’t Quite Fit

Many meal prep companies focus on calories and promote weight loss prepared meals… not us! At hail the kale our ethos is simple – eat healthy, minimally processed wholefoods which are packed with nutrients. While our bowls may assist with your goals to trim down, this is more of a welcome side effect rather than our sole goal. We are not specifically a service for weight loss meal delivery and don’t intend to be! 

Above all, we want our customers to FEEL amazing. We know feeling great starts from the inside out and we are here for that. We are SO here for that! If we can help our customers achieve their weight loss goals then that is simply an added bonus. 

We don’t believe in counting calories and depriving ourselves of food but rather eating more or the good stuff, putting nutrition in the forefront and always knowing fully what we put into our body. We want you to be healthy not hangry! This positive outlook helps to transform long term health habits in a way that is sustainable. 

Eating the rainbow is a mantra we are on board with and our colourful bowls represent this. We focus on ‘no nasties’ – ie no preservatives, no additives, no added colours and no added sugar. Just fresh, balanced, minimally processed meals with a plant based slant. We are passionate about using premium ingredients and this is at the heart of everything we do. 

We know some of our clients are tracking macros and that’s totally ok. We do want to be 100% transparent with what goes into our bowls, so on every product page you can find a list of all our premium WA ingredients and macro information. If you have additional questions don’t hesitate to reach out to us. 

We might not like to define our bowls as weight loss prepared meals, but what you’ll notice is that they are jam packed with fresh, clean and vibrant ingredients. High protein, healthy carbs and a focus on immunity building goodness. No nasty additives, just super charged with all the good stuff that aids good health. You can be sure you won’t find low calorie ‘filler’ in our healthy meals delivered, or tiny portions! Feeling full and satiated is so important. What you will find is plenty of the good stuff – some of our all time fave ingredients include kale, sweet potato, quinoa, chickpeas, cabbage and more. Our ingredients are naturally low in saturated fat. 

With believe in variety and this is why we have different options to choose from which are influenced by the season. Batch prepping lunches at home often means eating the same thing all week. We offer pick n mix style options so you can choose whatever bowls take your fancy. Mix it up. Or…don’t! 

We know that one of the most common ways we get off track with our health goals is because we get busy. Healthy meal prep takes time, and sometimes we are just super strapped for time. This is often when we turn to prepared meals for weight loss. Convenience is king, ubereats makes you feel gross (not to mention the $$$) and if there is something ready to eat in the fridge there is less chance of falling off the wagon. Weight loss food delivery to offices can be popular for this reason. If there are healthy prepared meals ready and waiting, there is less chance of nipping out to a local eatery and being tempted by unhealthy options. What’s that saying… “fail to plan, plan to fail!” 

One of our subscription clients nailed it with some recent feedback:
“The subscription is such a game changer for me. I‘m flat out at work right now and have no time for meal prep, so I’d gotten into the bad habit of grabbing quick & carby lunches to get me through the day. Now I know my lunches arrive every Monday and I’m locked in to eat healthy for the week. So good. Thanks for checking in.”
Danielle W, Scarborough. 

This is so spot on! 

With planning being such a crucial part of maintaining healthy habits, we are big fans of prepping healthy snacks too. A few of our fave healthy snacks include; 
- Crunchy apple dipped in almond butter coconut flakes and goji berries 
- Chia pudding topped with mango and buckinis 
- Salted cacao + peanut butter raw balls – see our recipe here 
- Cashews, almonds, walnuts, brazil nuts… any nuts. We are nuts for nuts!
- Smashed avo on paleo pumpkin bread sprinkled with chilli flakes and pepitas 
- Home made hummus with almond meal flax crackers, carrot and celery sticks 
- Crunchy cashew + vanilla granola (with or without berries) – see our recipe here
-Super food mix - Goji berries, almonds, coconut flakes and cacao nibs for an afternoon pick me up!
- Egg cups; mix up the fillings such as spinach, feta, capsicum. Hint: a little dollop of bit of homemade basil pesto inside is the bomb!

Our verdict on prepared meals for weight loss is that they have to be able to work long term and be sustainable. If you’re starving all the time it just won’t work.  

Say no to traditional weight loss meal delivery and say YES to healthy, minimally processed, nutrient dense wholefoods. Check out our full range of healthy meals delivered and start to feel amazing, one bowl at a time. 


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